Work At Home Opportunities

  • Paparazzi Accessories   –   No catalogs to buy. This is just like having your own boutique. If you already have your own business; this is a great add-on. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO PARTIES! /You can join this company for as little as $40; that is the fee if you do not want to buy a kit. Kit prices range from $300+. This company is incredible from their free websites to beautiful pieces and GREAT prices! Trips EVERY consultant can attend; no matter what your rank is. Everything is $5! You can sell at events, flea markets, online, expos, parties, fundraisers, etc. You do not have to do parties; however. This is like owning your own store; very neat opportunity. New inventory comes in often!1375173_463045147141818_868048709_n230709_410662449011272_278780623_n1380054_658361094204365_1041506272_n
  • The Work At Home Mom Agency   –   100% work at home. Parties not required. Ad Posting. No experience requiredMommy_and_me_cute
  • Inbox Dollars   –   You get $5 for signing up. Do not expect to get rich from this; but it is an extra way to make some cash. I usually earn a few dollars a day because I have a lot of referrals on the site; for me it’s extra gas money basically but you get paid to read their e-mails (0.02 per e-mail) and do their offers which you make a lot more doing. It takes about a month to get your first check; minimum payout $30. I earned my first payout in about 2 weeks. There is no cost to join.
  • Project Payday   –   Free to join, free website. If you can copy and paste; then you can do this. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the website. I consider this a form of marketing; you get paid to promote their website! It is a really cool website and they really pay!
  • Side Tick –  Free to join; you can cash out after you reach $25. You get paid to refer friends to this website that is a social media site.

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