Easy Way to help your overall health!

This review is exciting for me because it is totally under-rated! This is my absolute favorite product from It Works! The best thing is; you can request a FREE sample right here! That is right! I hear about people like Oprah and Dr. Oz taking “greens.” I would not dare try something that was green; sorry! No way! Yuck! Anyhow; this product does not taste like fresh mowed lawn. I have only tried the orange flavor and it actually has a light green tea taste to it when I just mix it in water. When I mix it in with orange juice; I can not taste it at all! I know tons of people who even give it to their children! This product has 8 servings of fruits and veggies; therefore I feel so great knowing that regardless i’m adding this to my daily routine!

What this product does for my energy level when I take it is incredible! My main reason for wanting to try this product is because I heard so many great stories about this product from real-life people. I have always had problems with my energy level and the first time I used this product; I truly felt so much better mentally and with my energy level! I truly believe having the right nutrients in your body can help with so many health issues! I also did a lot of research on the wonderful effects of alkalizing your body! This products helps that! I could go on forever on the amazing perks of this product! It is truly something I am addicted to now! But hey; at least It’s something that is all-natural for my health! I feel it is totally worth it. They have more than one flavor!  Image

I love this product; it is such an easy way to add to your daily routine! Just add it to water or juice! Request a free sample by e-mailing: info@flab2fab.info and putting in the email your shipping address and that you’d like the greens sample!

The American Music Awards 2013 was a lot of fun and talk! My favorite look was from Taylor Swift. I love her messy rock star hair look; which is going to be big in 2014! On the runway; this dress was made to look a tad sexier I feel. I love how Taylor kept it looking classy; not trashy also!