The Truth About Working At Home


    The truth about working from home is that it is really work. Sadly; most people join companies or work at home opportunities in hopes of “over night” success. It just does not happen that way. With any business; you will have to put effort into it. I think being your own boss and not having someone telling you what to do and when to do it is the hardest concept for many people.

Most work at home opportunities and jobs have to do with sales, marketing or tele-marketing. A lot of people will ask me if I know of work at home opportunities that do not involve sales. Honestly; I wish but that would be too good to be true. Everyone would be doing it by now if we could do jobs from home NOT involving sales. Some options if you are interested in eventually working from home is training to become a medical biller and/or coder or something of that nature. Many doctor’s offices are hiring for at home staff to keep office costs down.

You have to realize you are always working I feel.  When you work from home; I think you should set hours for yourself after you get your business up and running but in the must work it! I was constantly out doing things to get my name out there. Most people think leaving a stack of business cards at a few places was them “trying” or “failing.” That was not working it. I believe businesses take effort! Sure; there are many people in companies I’ve worked with or work with that hit huge promotions in a few days or earn six figures in a year…but I believe they were working even extra hard. Sure; you can make tons fast…I even have in companies; but that was with tons of training, effort and me constantly working my business or at my job.

If you are in direct sales from home;  I suggest constantly promote your business. Do not just sit at home and expect money to roll in. You should constantly market on social media and in your community. Always leave your business information with people and let them know you are in business. Otherwise; they will not know usually! Spend time getting to know people and networking. Handing out a few business cards will not work! Get involved in community events, wear your company t-shirt during the day, pay for advertising…you have to really promote your business and train! The more you learn; the more you grow. Many companies make you do ongoing, weekly or maybe quarterly training so why not invest education into your own business also?

Patience is HUGE in building an income from home I feel. Sometimes you may have days that are slow or frustrating. Just like any job or business; there are ups and downs. However; you deal with those things with a regular job or boss; so why not do it for yourself at least? Any job or career can be stressful or hard at times. All you can do is keep going; I just rather put that effort into something I love and am in charge of.

There are tons of perks from working from home! A few of my favorites are not having to deal with traffic, saving money on transportation costs, not having to spend money on work uniforms and of course…not waking up to an alarm clock. I feel in complete control. I do not have to ask for time off if I’m sick and I do not have to ask if I can take a vacation. If I want to make more money; I just work harder. The sky is truly the limit!

I do not believe it is true that you can not succeed doing more than one business. You can do anything and all you set your mind to! I just suggest getting to where you want with one business or project before focusing on others. Lots of people have tons of businesses; especially celebrities…why can’t you? A lot of my home businesses have afforded me opportunities to do other goals and dreams of mine. You can too!

Find your passion! Sure; there are lots of great opportunities out there. Not all are scams; there are a lot of legitimate companies out there that have many successful women and men working from home with them. Some of my favorites are listed here   Think about what you love and what is fun to you. Do you love cooking? Do you love arts and crafts? What about fashion? Are you into fitness? Think about what you love; do not just join a company because someone approached you. I think since there are so many great companies out there; it’s best to do your research!

Educate yourself! If you are looking into working from home or starting a new business; I would really pay attention to details such as:

  • Catalog prices?
  • Does the company offer a free website?
  • Quotas? Territories?
  • Is inventory required or asked of you to purchase after joining?
  • Credit card processing fees?
  • Shipping prices for you and customer? Where are items being shipped? Sometimes companies process orders in one location and ship another time; so paying for faster shipping is a waste of money, because it will not arrive until definatly over a week anyhow.
  • Can you sell online? What are rules about that? Many companies do not allow you to sale on yard sale, classifieds, craigslist, et cetera
  • How updated is their websites, catalogs and training? There are companies who claim they have great customer service, training and such…but many times it is not very customer-friendly.
  • How long has the company been in business? What are their key motto’s? For example; many focus on faith, debt-free living, etc.