Khloe is Fierce!

All I have to say is Khloe Kardashian-Odom is one tough, strong & confident woman! I hear and read so many negative things in the media about her family, marriage, weight, etc. but she always seems to be very fun, upbeat and cheerful as her “character” on Keeping Up With The Kardashians; if that is her true-personality; which I am sure it is…even better! It is so sad to hear about all the divorce rumors; I know that must be hard for anyone to deal with…especially in the public eye. Their wedding made me cry on tv and I was so happy to see how they were portrayed to be a positive and very loving couple. I hope they pull through whatever drama occurs; because every person and marriage has it’s issues. I just could not imagine dealing with it with millions of people spreading things and making things up…or just constantly seeing it at news stands at the local grocery store. However; it’s the life celebrities choose to lead I suppose. I am sure they are used to all the drama! I am so in love with their mansion; Khloe sure does have great style! Can anyone tell I have a girl-crush on this diva? It seems that during all of this drama she is really focusing on herself and her body too!