How To Coupon

I always get questions about couponing. You do not have to be an expert! You can learn to coupon from home or online and save your family a lot of money and get tons of free product. Couponing is time consuming I believe; however it is worth it for most people. You can even do it as a hobby; if your family wants to get involved…even better! Also keep in mind each store has their own rules when it comes to couponing. I suggest getting familiar with one store’s coupon policy before you move on to the others else you can get overwhelmed or feel confused as a beginner to couponing. My favorite stores to use coupons at are drug stores like Walgreens or CVS. They also have reward programs in which knock you into savings also if you use them smart!

What will I need?

You will need a way to organize your coupons such as a binder! You can use baseball card holders to organize your coupons.For example; one section will be dairy while the next will be cleaning products. You want to keep your coupons organized. Some people use a small box and filing system for their coupons. We usually want to “plan” our shopping trips when couponing correctly so you can always move the coupons you will use on shopping trips to a smaller purse-friendly organizer or your wallet. Do not forget to get yourself a good pair of scissors! What’s left?Coupons! That’s right!


Where to find coupons?

Everywhere! The Sunday newspaper and online are the best ways to find coupons I think. You can also do searches for coupon classes in your area or coupon trains. Coupon trains are a group of people who swap coupons often with each other by mail or meetings. It is a great way to meet people; but give away coupons you don’t want to swap for ones you can use! There are tons of printable coupons online; so a printer does come in handy. I found a printer with ink included for less than $40 at Wal-Mart to get me started.

Websites with coupons

Here are some websites that have online coupons!




Here are a few great training websites for couponing and tips!

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