My I Am Britney Jean Review


      I am a huge Britney fan and supporter but I will admit; I usually hate those celebrity specials on t.v. and most interviews these days; celebrities are so “private”in their reality shows; it truly makes zero sense at times…it is not real enough. This special just happend to be on once I got sick of seeing reruns of my other favorite reality show one day while  internet surfing. Right away; I was glued to the t.v.! This is very impressive!

It is interesting seeing a huge celebrity juggle parenting, traveling, paparazzi, being very involved in her career and details and so on. It was very neat! Sure; many mothers manage single parenting or children and busy lives but they are not doing in front of judgemental people daily. No matter what you do; having tons of people and cars following you around….but I really do not feel sorry for celebrities. I feel they choose to do this as their career and I think entertainment business can be what some people love to do! I do feel sorry for the ones who do not handle fame well and stay in trouble non-stop.

I will say; this special or documentary as you may call it was very fun to watch for me and quite inspirational! It made me want to get up much earlier in the morning, work on fitness more and stop thinking i’m too “old” to do some of my dreams! It was cool to see one of the background dancers saying now he can use this money he’s making to help his family. How cool would it be to be a background dancer for Britney Spears? That has got to be a busy schedule and years of practice and training for most people. “Dreams really come true,” is what many of the people working with her were saying!


   Overall; I enjoyed this! It was not boring to me…and I get bored easily! It was so funny watching her son’s getting excited when she was practicing for her concert. This was so neat to me! Must be fun to be able to take your babies to work with you some days! Britney claims in this she can be very shy! Some people giving their reviews in this special also admit Britney is really down-to-earth and polite!

Britney truly motivates me to get to the gym; that is for sure! Britney is preparing for a Las Vegas show and has four months left of final touches before the show in this documentary. I would love to see this live! This girl truly works hard it seems in this “documentary,” or special. She must be doing something right; according to online sources, Britney made an estimated $58 million from May of 2011 to May of 2012! You go girl!


Exciting Celebrity Pregnanies!

   OH, BABY! Find out which celebs are currently expecting new bundles of joy!

Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada, 37, is expecting! I heard yesterday she is six-months and her ex-husband Chad O.; is not the father…it is a lucky guy she has been dating for about a year.


   Many of you remember Kristin as being “the bitch” from The Hills. I always admired her confidence; honestly. She is expecting baby number two! By the way…has anyone else seen her great interview on Vh1 recently?


Former play mate Kendra! She is expecting baby number two! She already has one son; I love her personality!


Dani Jonas; wife of Kevin Jonas from the Jonas brothers. If you have ever watched Dani & Kevin’s reality show; you have gotten to know Dani a bit. She struggled with anxiety and she was really wanting to start a family; so congrats to them. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Jonas brothers cancelling their recent tour?


Season 1 American Idol Winner; Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly said in recent interview she was “alone” for practically 7 years! Congrats to the lucky lady!


Drew Barrymore


Gwen Stefani

Stunning and pregnant at 44!