Bridal Guide


Planning a wedding can be super stressful! Here are my tips on planning the perfect day!

  • Get a wedding planner! Someone who won’t have a jealous opinion and who has experience doing these such things. It is totally worth the money; even if you can only afford a day-of assistant for the day. If you can not afford a wedding planner; at least hire a wedding or event planner who does day-of services; which I learned many do! You can often find aspiring event planners among friends who may do your wedding planning free for the experience.
  • I have done modeling for tons of bridal shows and bridal magazines and I always suggest really learning about your body shape and what dress will fit your body the best. Find episodes of ‘Say Yes To The Dress,’ and take notes! Get it altered to fit you perfectly and if you are eloping; be sure to take tons of photos for memories on your big day. If you are like me; I always forget to capture moments…especially if i’m in the moment or excited!
  • Subscribe to wedding magazines or rush out to your local book store and get yourself a few; most are pricy compared to other magazines.
  • Save money by having a bridal shower or bachelorette party at home or using a party plan company. Most ladies use romance companies perhaps that come over and let you sample romance products. These parties are generally tasteful yet hilarious! Jessica Simpson even hosted a romance party for her friend’s bachelorette party in the past. These parties are a blast!  The rewards are great; most companies offer free products just for hosting the party! You usually get spoiled if you have many guests who come and they are under-rated in my opinion and a lot of fun! You just let your girl friends know you are having a party, invite them (most companies will even give you free invites) . Wanting to have one of these parties? Visit HERE
  • Think outside the box! Make pinterest your best friend during your wedding planning! You will be shocked at how many wonderful ideas you will find on pinterest. Plus; you can save photos of ideas you have.
  • List it! Make a list of all your ideas;daily and a master to-do list as you get closer to your big day will help you out!
  • Get healthy! Find all the free work out videos online that you can! Make it a routine or a habit to get your body where you want it before your big day. Imagine looking your best in that brand-new bikini on your honeymoon! You can get the body you want; but no one ever said it will be easy. My favorite way to exercise is pilates; it works for my body. Consider doing a free consultation with a local fitness trainer or just get yourself a fitness center gym pass and make it an effort to work out 3-4 times per week for at least one hour. Don’t have time? You have the same 24 hours in a day as everyone else in the world; you may have to start getting up a little over an hour earlier. I highly suggest adding It Works! all-natural products to your daily routine. Of course we all should be taking care of our health regardless and exercising; It Works products are not a substitute for working out or exercising. I feel these products just really work and help; so does many other people. My favorite part is that the products are all-natural. The greens are my favorite product; it helps detoxify your body, speed up your metabolism…and before I started taking it; I would have terrible stomach pains and I thought it was stress-related. This was also a natural energy; I no longer needed coffee to stay away! I could go on and on about this product but that would take days. Their protein shake and wraps are incredible too! You can even host a bridal wrap party; these are so fun and most of the time you can wrap for free by just hosting one of these. This is a great idea for bridal showers or before the wedding to help get your body where you want it before your wedding day! Why Not? The company has many other fantastic products! That is my opinion on those products and they can be found here:
  • Save money by booking your venue on a Friday or Sunday; usually those rates are much cheaper than a Saturday. You can usually save money booking your wedding in the Fall and Winter.

More fabulous sites with ideas to help you save money on your big day!