This is such a fabulous quote because rumors and bullying hurts and affects so many lives. I have always dealt with horrific things people lie about or assume due to my personality being very outspoken. It is good to just know who you are, your worth and understand you can’t please everyone.
I think rumors can destroy lives or even someone’s self-worth. I have many people that feel they “know” me just because they follow my posts on social media or because we’ve been introduced once. It is hard to know who to trust because in my line of work; I always meet so many people and I’ll admit…I’m a night life addict do I love socializing, parties, hanging out with friends and meeting new people. I have to meet to people; its who I am. With work; its also a tad of what I do…I couldn’t make an income solely off of talking to close friends and family. I believe in building networks; and I happen to love music and good conversation so I tend to hit local dive bars and relax. Sometimes people judge and assume because I happen to love good music and relaxing…but I feel now what others think is none of my business.


I think Jennifer Lopez looked fabulous at the 72nd annual Golden Globe awards. I vote her as best dressed at this spectacular event for the stars.