‘RHOA’: Todd Tucker’s Mom Dead — Housewives Mourn Miss Sharon

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So very sad. Kandi Burruss’ mother-in-law, Miss Sharon, suddenly died on Dec. 1, and the housewives are mourning the tragic death of Todd Tucker’s beloved mom — see what they said.

Miss Sharon, a fan favorite on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, passed away on Dec. 1, after reportedly suffering a stroke and falling into a coma, before her sudden death. Todd Tucker expressed his heartache with a sweet message on social media, and Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore and the cast are honoring the Housewives mom, too.

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6 Rules Entrepreneurial Employees Swear By



This story was originally published on StartupCollective.

Purpose is the engine that drives elite performance. Clearly defined goals are the tools that make achievement of purpose possible. Elite employees can tell you where they are going, how long it will take them to get there and what steps they will take along the way.

After managing a couple hundred people, I’ve noticed that elite employees are hard to find. This may be because elite employees have the mentality of elite athletes, even from their first endeavor. They know what they want and they shoot for the stars.

But in life we don’t get what we wish for. We get what we work for. To be successful, you must pursue your goals relentlessly, regardless of what others may think. To try is to risk failure — the greatest hazard you will face. The safe path would be to risk nothing…

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7 Things Supremely Confident People Never Do


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If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to bleed confidence. Starting something on your own takes tenacity, faith and determination to make it work. To have a business that makes it past the first 18 months, these qualities of poor leaders are certainly going to be on your list of things to avoid:

1. Second guess themselves and their employees

True confidence comes from being able to trust your team and yourself. Make sure your hiring process is long enough to find and keep the right people, as this can make or break your company. Many employers are now offering pre-cations or hiring employees for an initial first project to make sure they are a good fit before hiring them full time.

Offering a fun and secure work environment with great benefits, profit sharing and new technology can let employees…

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Boys May Actually Be Meaner Than Girls, Study Says


Move over, Mean Girls. It turns out that boys might actually be the crueler ones.

A new study from the University of Georgia (UGA) published in the journal Aggressive Behavior reveals that when it comes to being mean to your peers, it’s not girls who rule the school, but boys.

It has long been speculated by social researchers that boys are more physically aggressive while girls are more relationally aggressive. To put that in middle-school terms: boys are more likely to shove you into a locker, while girls are more apt to spread a rumor that you didn’t wear deodorant to gym class. Relationally aggressive behavior is the stuff that Mean Girls is made of — malicious rumors, social exclusion and rejection — and it turns out that boys are pretty good at it too.

In fact, as researchers followed a group of boys and girls from middle school to…

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Doutzen Kroes Shows Off Sexy Abs 4 Months After Baby At VS Show

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Believe it or not, Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes gave birth to a baby just 4 months before strutting her flawless abs down the runway in lingerie!

Doutzen Kroes, 29, deserves to be celebrated for her sexy post-baby body. Four months after giving birth to her second child, a baby girl, the Victoria’s Secret Angel spread her wings at the lingerie brand’s annual runway show. Look at those flat abs!

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Sometimes in life you never get why you want; yet people will assume you get all you want. Some people crave loyalty and true friendship; while some could never seen to want to accept anyone…because they are perfect in their eyes. We all make mistakes; I thought.