BasketBall Wives LA Returns

Since it seems hardly any wives on this show are ever Basketball wives; i’ve been a fan of this show since it airs. I will admit; it seems very boring lately the last few seasons but i’m a total reality t.v. junkie (blame the army) and I am a huge Draya fan; so anything she is on…I must watch and be jealous of her face and body for a second. 🙂 Another great thing…Laura and Gloria are not on the show this season; I because less and less aware they were even “there” last seasons. I was a Gloria fan at the beginning; but  I’ve just not been a fan of hers anymore. #Mylipsaresealed

The show starts off with Draya and Malaysia chatting about insecurities & their men. Draya seems very much in love and wants this relationship to work and last; I appreciate her honesty saying that she does not feel that secure to have her boyfriend traveling so long and she seemed to admire Malaysia’s confidence in her relationship saying pretty much if he does cheat…she better not find out about it. I do not agree with Malaysia being so casual on the subject; I think actions like this make men think it’s okay to get away with cheating…just never get caught or you get crazy woman out of her cage.  I must say I think Draya looks so beautiful! Her face, body, fashion sense and makeup looks fab! I appreciate her being honest and she really does seem sincere and hard-working! At least; from the 45 minutes of the show each week it airs 🙂 #teamDraya

Since Laura and Gloria are no longer on the show; I wonder if the newbies will start to grow on me! As of now; not a fan at all of any of their attitudes. #sorrynotsorry

Catch the first episode here

I think it is great that Jackie takes pride in a cause or issue close to her heart; the gay & lesbian community.  I think it actually keeps her mind from some drama and trouble i’d think…so stay busy Jackie! I really do feel sympathy for her since she does seem very emotional and lost close people to her. bbwla3l