How do you use facebook?

   Do you use facebook to keep up with friends and family? To promote your service? Regardless; I think it is often taken too seriously. Relationships even end over the social media site. People really get mad if you post things on their pages for business or work; but then gripe on other sites about people not having jobs. I just feel it is facebook…I do not care what people most or say; as long as it’s not bullying someone else…then who cares? I like to join facebook groups to network with other business owners. Sometimes we even buy products from each other and help support each others home businesses!

    I get to keep up with a lot of people from school also. People really can keep facebook simple and fun to know what their friends and family are up to lately but some people think they are the facebook police. I am against spamming; but if someone wants to promote their business on their page…who cares? If someone wants to vent on their page…really…that is on them. I just hardly read many posts. I always scroll down and like to see new promotions, pages I liked that post…things of that nature. I admit; I could use the other features more such as wishing everyone a happy birthday when it notifies you of their birthdays; but I just do not ever have the time.