My I Am Britney Jean Review


      I am a huge Britney fan and supporter but I will admit; I usually hate those celebrity specials on t.v. and most interviews these days; celebrities are so “private”in their reality shows; it truly makes zero sense at times…it is not real enough. This special just happend to be on once I got sick of seeing reruns of my other favorite reality show one day while  internet surfing. Right away; I was glued to the t.v.! This is very impressive!

It is interesting seeing a huge celebrity juggle parenting, traveling, paparazzi, being very involved in her career and details and so on. It was very neat! Sure; many mothers manage single parenting or children and busy lives but they are not doing in front of judgemental people daily. No matter what you do; having tons of people and cars following you around….but I really do not feel sorry for celebrities. I feel they choose to do this as their career and I think entertainment business can be what some people love to do! I do feel sorry for the ones who do not handle fame well and stay in trouble non-stop.

I will say; this special or documentary as you may call it was very fun to watch for me and quite inspirational! It made me want to get up much earlier in the morning, work on fitness more and stop thinking i’m too “old” to do some of my dreams! It was cool to see one of the background dancers saying now he can use this money he’s making to help his family. How cool would it be to be a background dancer for Britney Spears? That has got to be a busy schedule and years of practice and training for most people. “Dreams really come true,” is what many of the people working with her were saying!


   Overall; I enjoyed this! It was not boring to me…and I get bored easily! It was so funny watching her son’s getting excited when she was practicing for her concert. This was so neat to me! Must be fun to be able to take your babies to work with you some days! Britney claims in this she can be very shy! Some people giving their reviews in this special also admit Britney is really down-to-earth and polite!

Britney truly motivates me to get to the gym; that is for sure! Britney is preparing for a Las Vegas show and has four months left of final touches before the show in this documentary. I would love to see this live! This girl truly works hard it seems in this “documentary,” or special. She must be doing something right; according to online sources, Britney made an estimated $58 million from May of 2011 to May of 2012! You go girl!


My Playlist

My Playlist


I love music! I love all types of music! Here is my ultimate playlist!

Titanium – David Guetta

Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi

Looks Like Sex- Mike Posner

Glowing – Nikki Williams

Alive – Krewella

Starstruck – Lady Gaga

Better Dig Two – The Band Perry

It Girl – Jason DeRulo

22 – Taylor Swift

You don’t know how it feels – Tom Petty

Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

Silhouettes – Avicii

Somebody like you – Keith Urban

Super Fun & Cheap Things To Do With Your Girl Friends ( That Do Not Involve Going To A Club)

    Living in my area; it seems as if all there is to do is go to the same clubs or bars for a drink and dancing. Here are my ideas on how to make girls nights back on your calendar; and better than ever!



  • Set a Pinterest Date and get together for wine and crafts!
  • Host in home parties! With most of these companies; there is no charge and you get FREE products for just having your girl friends over! Usually the company has a consultant for you that does all the work; you just provide light refreshments and invite the guest! Check out these recommendations: Undercover Wear (Must be 18+)    
  • Host a Karoke Night at home! Bring out your inner Britney!
  • Spa date! Get on pinterest and find the best at-home spa masks you can make!
  • Plan a volunteer day together at the local animal or homeless shelter
  • Re-Do Your Wardrobe! Gather all your items you do not want or are not wearing often and have your girl friends do the same. Get together and swap or trade! All the leftovers…donate to charity!
  • Take a dance class! Salsa, belly dancing…you will even burn calories!
  • Host a bake night. Each person bakes their favorite desert; then vote on a winner!
  • Have a weekly or bi-weekly game night!


Easy Way to help your overall health!

This review is exciting for me because it is totally under-rated! This is my absolute favorite product from It Works! The best thing is; you can request a FREE sample right here! That is right! I hear about people like Oprah and Dr. Oz taking “greens.” I would not dare try something that was green; sorry! No way! Yuck! Anyhow; this product does not taste like fresh mowed lawn. I have only tried the orange flavor and it actually has a light green tea taste to it when I just mix it in water. When I mix it in with orange juice; I can not taste it at all! I know tons of people who even give it to their children! This product has 8 servings of fruits and veggies; therefore I feel so great knowing that regardless i’m adding this to my daily routine!

What this product does for my energy level when I take it is incredible! My main reason for wanting to try this product is because I heard so many great stories about this product from real-life people. I have always had problems with my energy level and the first time I used this product; I truly felt so much better mentally and with my energy level! I truly believe having the right nutrients in your body can help with so many health issues! I also did a lot of research on the wonderful effects of alkalizing your body! This products helps that! I could go on forever on the amazing perks of this product! It is truly something I am addicted to now! But hey; at least It’s something that is all-natural for my health! I feel it is totally worth it. They have more than one flavor!  Image

I love this product; it is such an easy way to add to your daily routine! Just add it to water or juice! Request a free sample by e-mailing: and putting in the email your shipping address and that you’d like the greens sample!

How do you use facebook?

   Do you use facebook to keep up with friends and family? To promote your service? Regardless; I think it is often taken too seriously. Relationships even end over the social media site. People really get mad if you post things on their pages for business or work; but then gripe on other sites about people not having jobs. I just feel it is facebook…I do not care what people most or say; as long as it’s not bullying someone else…then who cares? I like to join facebook groups to network with other business owners. Sometimes we even buy products from each other and help support each others home businesses!

    I get to keep up with a lot of people from school also. People really can keep facebook simple and fun to know what their friends and family are up to lately but some people think they are the facebook police. I am against spamming; but if someone wants to promote their business on their page…who cares? If someone wants to vent on their page…really…that is on them. I just hardly read many posts. I always scroll down and like to see new promotions, pages I liked that post…things of that nature. I admit; I could use the other features more such as wishing everyone a happy birthday when it notifies you of their birthdays; but I just do not ever have the time.