How I Use Facebook To Make My Businesses Work & Generate Leads

Create a fan page and join like ladders. You can do a search for like ladders; and most you can promote for free just by liking other pages in exchange for their likes. You can also pay the pages to promote your fan page; which most only charge about $5 per week to do so. Great way to get fans!

Don’t be afraid to post! Sure; you will get a lot of people who are unhappy if you post…but you just have to deal with it. Make sure you do not spam but posting more than once a day; and remember to delete old ads if you run across them. It makes pages you post on not look spammy. I like to post in groups and on pages with my business ads. People may block, report or mark you as spam; but you still get leads and can get business that way. You have to have thick skin; on the internet people can be mean. Some will even accuse you of being a scam; ignore the ignorant people.

Do searches for free advertising and work at home groups on facebook to post your ads in! This is one of my favorite ways to get business!

I also like posting on my personal page throughout the week about my business!