Great Date Night Ideas

  • Find a local winery or wine tasting class!
  • Have a picnic and make your own lunches!
  • Visit a local comedy club! Each time i’ve visited one; I’ve had a blast.
  • Find local happy hours in your area and go out to one in the week without feeling guilty about over spending. Sometimes I can go to restaurants or a bars happy hour and spend less than $5 and have a good time because of great happy hour deals! Seriously! The weekend are when prices are so pricey!
  • Visit a local museum! Sometimes you can find great facts about your community and tons of history you did not know of! Plus; it’s a great memory!
  • Rent a limo and go to a nice play or concert!
  • Invite your favorite couples over and have a movie and cook off! The women can make the drinks and the men can cook or vice versa. Winners pick the movie!
  • Re-create your first date. Go where you first met; and do the things you did the first day you met!
  • Be 21 again and bar hop! Spend a lazy day trying a different drink at small bars you’ve never been to. You will have a blast listening to music, people watching and just talking!
  • Go rock climbing or ride local boat rides or canal tours in your area!
  • Be spontaneous and take a weekend road trip. Go to the city or town 3 hours away; get a decent priced hotel and just have fun exploring a new city together for the weekend. Try new restaurants and take advice from locals on attractions to visit or menus to try! My husband and I would sneak off to Dallas once a year and we always would have so much fun. We would try new bars and restaurants; spend time with friends and just have fun with no worries!
  • Take a carriage ride!